Wednesday, 25 September 2013

School / College easy hairstyles


People ask me a lot how I do my hair, and how I do many different hairstyles. So, I have chosen 2 hairstyles to show you how to do! They are really simple, and you can have your hair like this at any time or place.
Wavy/Curly hair
This is really easy to do, and can be done so quickly!
Your hair can be any length and style to do this.
1. First of all, obviously brush through your hair, and part it the way you like.
You will need your straighteners for this hairstyle, so turn them on and let them heat up.
The straighteners I use are by Mark Hill and can do multiple things to you hair, so they're pretty good!
2. Next you need to section off your hair into small, or medium, or even large pieces, depending on how many waves/curls you want in your hair.

3. If you want wavy hair, then just rotate the straighteners down your hair, turning them 90° one way, then 90° the other until you have reached to the bottom of that piece.
If you want a mixture of curls and waves (which is what I usually do) then continue to do waves through random parts of your hair. Then to add the curls, you rotate the section of hair 90° with the straighteners and pull down until they have reached the bottom. (As shown by the pictures).
You can also add salt spray, which you can get from pretty much any beauty or drug store. This also makes your hair wavy, and gives it the messy textured look.
4. Finish by backcombing a little, and adding hairspray of your choice, (if you like to use hairspray). I use L'Oreal Paris' 'Elnett' hairspray. Its quite expensive compared to others but I find it doesn't make your hair sticky.
Here's the finished look!

Simple messy bun
I have never actually done my hair this style before, but I thought it would be easy to do, and also look a little different! Your hair can be almost an length and style to do this.
1. First of all you need a bun donut/ring. I did have one but I have lost it so I made one. I will be showing you how to make one also, they're really easy!
You need to get a sock, any sock will do, and cut the top off.
Once you have cut the top off you will need to roll the sock down into a donut shape. That's all you have to do to make the bun donut!

2. Next of all you will need to gather all of you hair at the top of your head, and tie it in a bobble. Use the bun donut to put onto the pony tail like so

3. Spread all of your hair around the donut. You can add plaits for a different look, and back comb the hair to make it more of a messy look (which is what I do).
4. Next, tie a bobble just once around the donut with your hair covering ever part of it. With the remaining hair outside the bobble, use hair grips to secure in place. If you want a messy look don't be too bothered about pieces sticking out! You can also add a plait and the back of your hair and secure it with hair grips.

5. Pull of any sections of hair that you don't want left up. I usually pull on my hair around the donut also to make it less tight and more messy.

6. Finally, finish with hairspray to secure and hold your hair.
Here's the finished look!

This post took me so long to do so I hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope it helped!
Let me know if you have any other tutorials you would want to see.
Ella x


  1. Ah I have serious hair envy now! + love both these styles :) x

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  2. These are so beautiful:-) thankyou xx

  3. you are so pretty. it's not fair.
    and i would love to see a every day makeup tutorial? or maybe like your favourite makeup products? like a top ten list? xxx

  4. Wow i just saw this and i reeeeeally loves that bun!! Socks okay thats like super creative, cuz in my country ppl.selling the donut thing like $15.. i better buy new cloth or save for boots fir the price, right haha^^
    thanks for the tuts ella :>> i really enjoy reading your pretty blog^^

  5. I loved this tutorial! Thanks for posting! Update your blog more often! xoxo @heartofplastic from Instagram

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