Sunday, 22 September 2013

Step into my boring life.

HIIIIII! I seriously have no idea what I am doing on here yet..
A lot of people off Instagram asked if I would ever make a YouTube, and I have wanted to but it's so time consuming. So I thought I would make a blog instead, and I can show you tutorials, etc, with pictures. Here goes!

25 FACTS (also random) ABOUT ME
1. My name is Ella-Jay
2. Im 16
3. I live in Wales
4. I have a best friend who likes to shit
5. When I get drunk my teeth go numb
6. I still act about 5, its great
7. I'm scared of everthing, literally
8. My favourite movie is probably Matilda
9. I fancy men with facial hair and tattoos, so much recently.. (If you're one of them please come my way)
10. I shit myself when I have to leave the house on my own, I think people follow and stalk me
11. Most of the time I have to have my hair differently every day
12. My favourite programmes are Towie, Geordie Shore, Next Top model, and..I can't think
13. My first word was 'boobies', lovely
14. I sleep talk so much, about the most random things
15. I find the weird things funny
16. I have no realistic idea what I want to do in life, help
17. My fav celeb is Zayn Malik mmmm
18. I love summer in winter, and I love winter in summer, confusing
19. I'm so lazy
20. I want to live in LA
21. I cant use chalk or rub paper because it makes me feel sick
22. I get so stressed when I cant do something, right now I'm stressing because I cant think of any more facts..
23. I get jealous easily
24. I find weird things cute, and feel sorry for people for weird things 
25. I always want to do crazy things with my best friend, were crazy people, how crazy

VOILA, hope you enjoyed!
Let me know what you would like me to post for my next blog,
Ella x
Instagram: @hey__ella


  1. hello ella. you inspired me to start a blog as well. I really love your instagram. Hopefully this blog will be just as amazing. xx

  2. Hello ! I am also often stressed! Anyway, you're very belle.Je you'm insta! : 3
    La Branche ♥

  3. I didnt know you had a blog! =) you should totally start a youtube channel! I have one and it's the hardest thing i've ever do xD but it'll be easier for you because you already have your followers (including me! ^o^) so don't worry about the first videos, we will be there to support you =3 btw I want to live in LA too... and I was moving a year ago but something happened in my country (bad government, I talk about it in my first post if you want to check (: ) and that makes me really sad but hey... we gotta keep fighting for our dreams and if you don't know what to do in the future you can talk to me whenever you want =) I know is MEGA weird because you dont know me and I dont know you but when I was 16 i didnt knew what I wanted either... so I know how stressful that can be (I still suffer for it) and if you don't want to talk to me at all because you think I'm a stalker who follows you on the street then that's okey too xDD I'll support you either way :) (I promise you I'm not a stalker xD) But yeah, keep looking for your dreams girl!

  4. Outfit tips or a wardrobe tour ? I love your style !:-)

  5. You're sixteen ?, Really ??
    You look so beautiful :o